4 to Watch: Was Enron McKinsey & Company’s Biggest Failure?

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1. The Ramen Burger’s Taste of Succses

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It’s only been available for a month, but people are already waiting on line for hours for a taste of Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burger. Shimamoto says he’s been in love with ramen since he was a child, to the extent that he quit his job as a programmer to study ramen in Japan for four years. He says the ramen he makes is freshly cut, not frozen or freeze-dried, and the process that holds the ramen together is a trade secret that is fundamental to his growing business.

2. Steps to Lowering Your Energy Bill

Want to save money on your energy bill? Gerri Willis says many gadgets in the sector don’t quite live up to the hype, and consumers are willing to pay $7,1000 more for a home that’s energy efficient. Consumer Reports senior projects editor Tod Marks says you need to be wary of energy-saving claims, but consumers who utilize energy monitors do pay 7% less.

3. Was Enron McKinsey & Company’s Biggest Failure?

Author Duff McDonald takes a close look at McKinsey & Company with his new book ‘The Firm.’ McDonald says the idea for the book came from his work on Jamie Dimon’s biography, as Dimon is notoriously anti-consultant. And yet at the same time, even Dimon said McKinsey was the real deal. McDonald weighs in on whether McKinsey is worth it for companies and executives, but FBN’s Lou Dobbs says he’s never seen an example firsthand of McKisney’s ability to add value.

4. What Can America Learn from Past Terrorist Attacks?

What have we learned from 9/11, Benghazi and the financial crisis? Former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso weighs in on the important issues facing the United States, and the best way to fix them.  Grasso says we need to learn from history, and figure out how to prevent calamities moving forward.

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