4 to Watch: Make Money Off the U.S. Open

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Wealth Health Managing Director Rich Coppa on how homeowners can turn a profit renting their homes for the U.S. Open. And Fatburger CEO Andy Weiderhorn shares the secrets behind the company’s global expansion. In case you missed it, here is a recap of some of the top newsmakers and expert analysis from last night on FOX Business Network.

1. Fatburger CEO on Growing a Bigger Business

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Fatburger CEO Andy Weiderhorn on the company’s global expansion into Turkey and India.

2. Profiting From the U.S. Open

Wealth Health Managing Director Rich Coppa shares how homeowners can gain from renting out their homes during the U.S. Open.

3. Should Charges Be Filed Against Edward Snowden?

FNC political analyst Doug Schoen and ‘American Phoenix’ author Jane Hampton Cook weigh in on the NSA scandal.

4. Is Snowden the Next Polanski?

Former LA District Attorney Steve Cooley on whether Edward Snowden might seek asylum in a country like France.

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