4 to Watch: Is Business School a Waste of Time for Women?

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1. Should women ditch business school?

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A controversial commentary from writer Laura Hemphill asks: Is business school worth it for women? A new study shows that many women drop out of the workforce ten years after finishing business school. Former Treasury Department senior advisor Susan Ochs graduated from Harvard Business School and felt that it was a really helpful, positive experience. Plus, she points out that many women who drop out of the workforce to have children come back to work years later.

2. Cutting college costs with the do-it-yourself degree

What if you could earn a college degree in just one year? DIY Degree founder Jay Cross says it’s possible. Instead of taking three-month courses, he says students can test out of courses to get credits, completing a four-year degree in a much shorter period of time.

3. The impact of Fed policy

Why would anyone want to be Fed chair, asks FBN’s Lou Dobbs? ‘The International Economy’ Publisher David Smick says the Fed chair is more or less the head of the central bank for the whole world. But he says the position is going to be very difficult for the next chief, given challenges related to quantitative easing.

4. JPMorgan paying $920M fine, but who gets the check?

JPMorgan is paying the government fines equaling $920 million, but FBN’s Neil Cavuto says the fines won’t actually help investors. WSJ Editorial Page Editor Steve Moore and FBN’s David Asman weigh in on where this money will be going, and who benefits from it.

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