4 to Watch: Government Crackdown on Fake Online Reviews

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1. Sanctions against Iran hurting U.S. businesses?

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Institute for the Study of War senior naval analyst Chris Harmer says companies like Boeing could be doing $25 billion in business, at the very least, if sanctions against Iran were lifted. But instead, trade restrictions mean that Russian companies are getting that business, he argues. Harmer says one of the unintended consequences of Iranian sanctions has meant that Iran has diversified its economy.

2. Impact of fake online reviews

Branding expert Marc Rudov says stakes are small for consumers who take reviews with a grain of salt, and calls the crackdown ‘preposterous.’

3. ObamaCare showdown continues

FNC contributor Jedediah Bila says Democrats have owned the PR battle with regard to the impending government shutdown, and that the House has the backing of the American people in trying to defund ObamaCare. National Review columnist John Fund says the government shutdown won’t happen, and both sides will come together to pass a continuing resolution.

4. Should Republicans risk a government shutdown?

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman says he has no confidence that lawmakers can come together on reining in government spending. He says Republicans should absolutely risk a government shutdown, and says entitlements never get canceled or reformed. Stockman says ObamaCare will mean the worst of both worlds for consumers and providers.

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