4 to Watch: Fired for Gaining Weight?

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1. Borgata Can Fire Waitresses for Gaining Weight?

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A New Jersey judge has ruled in favor of Atlantic City casino Borgata, saying the casino can fire servers for putting on the pounds. Melissa Francis says the casino and hotel can terminate employees for gaining more than 7% of their body weight, but she wonders whether this just applies to women. Are other jobs next to institute weigh-ins? FNC legal analyst Arthur Aidala weighs in on the judge ruling, and whether it will stick.

2. Fast-Food Workers Strike Over Minimum Wage

Fast-food workers in major cities are on strike to protest minimum wage, and are demanding $15 an hour to flip burgers. Cato Institute Director of Financial Regulation Studies Mark Calabria says half of minimum wage workers in the relatively inexpensive South, and in New York, most fast-food workers are already paid over the minimum wage.  So why are they complaining? Calabria also says the debate brings into question who the minimum wage is really for.

3. Mideast Peace Talks Resume After 5 Years

FNC national security analyst KT McFarland says at the end of the day, these talks likely won’t go anywhere. She says the Israeli-Palestinian situation won’t change what’s happening in Syria and Egypt -- and those are the countries that should be getting more of John Kerry’s attention. And former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton says it’s a mistake for Israel to release Palestinian prisoners, and questions Netanyahu’s faith in the peace talks.

4. 80% of Americans Near Poverty?

According to a new AP report, 80% of Americans are living near the poverty line. But how do we account for the shoppers lining up around the block to purchase iPhones? Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes says this study is being used to set the stage for more tax increases and argue for more wealth redistribution.

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