4 to Watch: Can the Baltimore Ravens Save ObamaCare?

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1. Baltimore Ravens recruited to market ObamaCare

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The Obama administration is enlisting the Baltimore Ravens to help fix ObamaCare’s image. Turkel Brands executive creative director Bruke Turkel on the administration’s attempts to market insurance to young people.

2. Busting the top home maintenance myths

‘My Home, My Money Pit’ author Tom Kraeutler shares surprising facts on common home maintenance myths. For instance, duct tape is not designed for ducts, says Kraeutler, because it dries out and will fall down.

3. Safety of U.S. nuclear weapons

FNC military analyst Gen. Jack Keane, U.S. Army (Ret.) on allegations blast doors were left open at ICBM sites. Gen. Keane says scrutiny is justified, but the administration does have a reputation of pulling the trigger pretty quickly on officers in the military.

4. Bribery as a dating strategy?

If you can’t get a date the old-fashioned way, should you consider bribery? Carrot Dating founder Brandon Wade says you should offer women an incentive in order to be considered for a date. Is this a clever idea – or insulting?

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