4 Tips for Creating High-Value Training Content

If you've ever had a job at a large company or if you've ever watched the US version of "The Office," then you're familiar with online training

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These are human resources (HR)-mandated courses that employees must pass in order to fulfill corporate expectations or compliance regulationsThey're often boring, slow to get through, and super easy to pass.

Let's say you've been given an assignment to create fulfilling, entertaining, and worthwhile e-learning materials for your organization. What can you do to ensure that your employees aren't facedown in a puddle of their own drool after five minutes of taking your course? I spoke with Francesca Bossi, HR at Docebo

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During our conversation, Bossi offered the following four recommendations for building an online course as well as the exam that follows. For Bossi, the answer is simple: faster is better. Build your course as quickly as you can, post it to your learning software just as quickly, and enable your employees to view the content, take the quiz, and find the right answers quickly as well. In addition to speed, Bossi said it's also incredibly important that your employees understand there's a corporate-wide commitment to e-learning. If the CEO is taking and participating in the exams, then it sends a clear message to your employees that e-learning is an important part of your corporate culture.

1. Speed Matters
Although tools such as
Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) exist to create interactive, multimedia, and multi-tiered courses, Bossi recommends simple courses that last no longer than five to 10 minutes (she calls them "e-learning pills"). She suggests you use your phone's video camera or a computer screen-capture program to record procedures that can be used to demonstrate the right way to do whatever it is you're trying to teach your employees.

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