3 refugees say they've been hacked by Bahrain while living in Britain

Three pro-democracy activists say they have been hacked by Bahrain's government while living in Britain, one of a growing number of cases in which refugees say malicious software has been used to keep tabs on their activities abroad.

Moosa Abd-Ali Ali, Jaafar Al Hasabi and Saeed Al-Shehabi are at the heart of a criminal complaint alleging that Bahrain's government infected their computers with FinFisher, a powerful piece of espionage software.

The complaint, filed with British police by London-based advocacy group Privacy International on Monday, is the latest in a series of allegations of cross-border hacking by repressive governments.

Similar complaints have recently been filed on behalf of Ethiopian refugees living in Britain and suburban Maryland.

Bahrain Embassy said it had no immediate comment on the allegations. British officials haven't commented.