Trump: American natural gas exports going global

President Trump on Tuesday touted the importance of American energy independence at a liquefied natural gas [LNG] export facility.

“We don’t need anybody we don’t need to be ripped off by the rest of the world either because those days are over,” Trump said during a speech in Hackberry, Louisiana.

The Trump administration has paved the way for more energy infrastructure development, ensuring America leads the world in the energy revolution. The president signed two executive orders to cut red tape that has regulated the construction of new pipelines and LNG terminals.

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“From right here in Hackberry, Louisiana, you will very soon be exporting clean American natural gas all over the globe,” Trump said to the workers at the Sempra Energy's Cameron LNG Export Facility.

Sempra Energy announced it started to produce liquefied natural gas for export. American natural gas production jumped to a new high in 2018, marking the second straight year of record production.

“Instead of relying on foreign oil and foreign energy, we are now relying on American energy and American workers like never before,” Trump said.


The U.S. is now the largest crude oil producer in the world.