More Obama-era coal rules should be rolled back: Murray Energy CEO

Outspoken coal CEO Robert Murray, founder of Murray Energy, is applauding the ongoing rollback of Obama-era rules by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA on Wednesday announced that it’s easing the rules for the disposal of spent coal, which is used to fuel hundreds of power plants nationwide.

“It’s very important to make these changes right now, because Donald Trump recognizes the need for coal-fired electricity in America to hold down the cost of it, and to provide reliability in our power supplies,” said Murray during an interview with FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell.

The EPA’s decision is expected to hand more power back to state governments and the energy industry when it comes to the regulation of coal ash waste sites. It may also save utility companies as much as $31 million a year in regulatory costs.

Although critics warn it could affect drinking water, states will be able to suspend mandatory groundwater monitoring, so long as it’s been proved there are no leaks or contaminants present.

And while Murray praised the cutting of red tape, he urged Trump to do even more. If the administration can stop the closure of coal-fired plants, energy costs will remain low, he said.

“That is exactly what the president understands,” he said. “He gets it, and is trying to address it, but unfortunately, the federal energy regulation commission has not recognized that you can’t store sunshine or wind at a power plant, or wind either.” ray.