Major trade deal with UK may not be possible: US Ambassador

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US business concerned over Brexit, European economic uncertainties

Former U.S. Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner on concerns over the future of U.S. trade relationships and the economic uncertainties in Europe.

The Brexit vote may have a major impact on whether or not the U.S. and Britain can work out a trade deal.

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If Parliament approves the Brexit proposal from Prime Minister Theresa May, the U.S. ambassador to Britain has cast doubts on a major deal getting done.

Robert "Woody" Johnson told BBC radio Monday that negotiating a "quick" and "massive" trade deal between the two longtime allies "doesn't look like it would be possible" under the terms of May's proposed deal with the European Union.

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Johnson also used a live radio appearance to reiterate President Trump’s concerns about the proposed agreement, which faces strong opposition in Britain's Parliament.

May has said she plans to bring the plan to a vote in mid-January.

The U.S. ambassador said he finds a "defeatism" in the British attitude toward Brexit that overlooks the many positive developments leaving the EU could bring.

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