Major trade deal with UK may not be possible: US Ambassador

The Brexit vote may have a major impact on whether or not the U.S. and Britain can work out a trade deal.

If Parliament approves the Brexit proposal from Prime Minister Theresa May, the U.S. ambassador to Britain has cast doubts on a major deal getting done.

Robert "Woody" Johnson told BBC radio Monday that negotiating a "quick" and "massive" trade deal between the two longtime allies "doesn't look like it would be possible" under the terms of May's proposed deal with the European Union.

Johnson also used a live radio appearance to reiterate President Trump’s concerns about the proposed agreement, which faces strong opposition in Britain's Parliament.

May has said she plans to bring the plan to a vote in mid-January.

The U.S. ambassador said he finds a "defeatism" in the British attitude toward Brexit that overlooks the many positive developments leaving the EU could bring.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.