Toyota hiring hundreds in these 2 states

If you like that new car smell, then here's an opportunity for you: Toyota is looking to staff a midwestern plant.

"We have just recently gone through a $600 million expansion ... and we're trying to hire 400 additional team members," Millie Marshall, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Princeton, Indiana, said.

We're trying to hire 400 additional team members.

- Toyota Indiana President Millie Marshall

There are multiple Toyota manufacturing plants hiring, including an engine plant and a joint manufacturing plant, both in Huntsville, Alabama.

Where Toyota is hiring

To get the job, you have to relocate to the plant location.

"We have historic unemployment, and [Indiana] is a large manufacturing state," Marshall said.

Marshall said they need to dismiss the myth of what a manufacturing job is nowadays.

"It's not like a [1960s] job where your grandfather worked," Marshall said. "It was dirty and unsafe and dark. [Now,] we have the latest technologies, [it's] very safe and our team members love working here."

Our team members love working here.

- Toyota Indiana President Millie Marshall

Marshall added that the company wants to build the cars where they sell the cars. So although Toyota is a Japanese automaker, they want to hire American workers to make the cars it sells in the U.S.

"It's important that, not only we make the investment here, but that we hire the people within the communities where we build and sell," she said.

With the expansion, Toyota plans to produce 40,000 more vehicles per year annually, bringing its yearly production total in Indiana to 440,000.


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