Top 5 jobs for millennials seeking 6-figure salaries

As the U.S. economy strengthens, some young Americans are hoping their salaries will rise, too.

Millennials – those ages 25 to 37 – with at least a Bachelor’s degree, had a median salary of $56,000 in 2018, according to a survey from the Pew Research Center.

However, some are looking for much more.

According to an August survey from TD Ameritrade, millennials feel as though they need an income of $80,000 to be happy – a $30,000 increase from 2016.

And for those in the right professions, wages could exceed those goals.

Here’s a look at the top jobs for younger Americans looking to earn more than $100,000, as compiled by GOBankingRates, based off of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Financial analyst

A financial analyst typically works at a business like a bank or a pension fund and provides guidance to companies and individuals regarding investment decisions by assessing the performance of equities, bonds and other assets.

It takes an individual just one year in this profession to near six-figure earnings. The average salary among those employed in this profession – including 112,000 millennials – is $99,430.

2. Management analyst

People working as management analysts are responsible for advising their organization on ways to improve efficiency, including increasing profits and revenues, and reducing costs.

Within just three years a worker can earn a salary of at about $100,000, according to GOBankingRates.

Currently, about 212,000 millennials are employed as management analysts.

3. Computer systems analyst

The function of an employee working as a computer systems analyst is to improve a company's computer systems with the aim of improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Median earnings for people working this job are about $92,740.

Qualified candidates tend to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer or information science. It takes about three years for an employee to work his or her way up to a six-figure salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for workers in this occupation was expected to increase by 9 percent in the 10 years through 2026.

4. Civil engineer

Civil engineers work on infrastructure projects – from conception to construction and maintenance – including things like roads, airports, bridges and buildings.

According to BLS, demand was projected to rise 11 percent in the decade through 2026.

The average salary is $91,790. It would take a millennial about three years to earn a six-figure salary.


5. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers design and build machines, equipment and tools.

The average salary among people in this profession is about $91,500.

There are currently about 95,000 millennials working as mechanical engineers.