Sanders says 'average billionaire' gets $33M daily bonus under tax cuts

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders doubled down on the idea that U.S. economy is rigged against the working class this week, taking aim on Twitter at the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The liberal lawmaker, and 2020 Democratic hopeful, said that under the Trump administration’s tax law, the average billionaire has raked in tens of millions of dollars in wealth – daily – while the average worker has seen an increase amounting to just cents.

It wasn't immediately clear what statistics the senator was referring to. His office did not return FOX Business' request for comment. Sanders has, however, been outspoken about the fact that while many corporate CEOs have raked in large profits and personal pay increases, their workers' wages remain stagnant.

He is a proponent of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and has conducted successful campaigns aimed at coaxing major corporations into lifting worker pay. Some of his successes include pushing e-commerce giant Amazon to adopt a $15 minimum wage. He also pressured Disney to do the same, and congratulated workers when the company agreed to lift pay last year. Retail behemoth Walmart has found itself a frequent target of the Vermont senator as well.

Sanders has positioned himself as a champion of middle class workers. The tweet follows a series the senator published about protecting trade unions, which he said built the middle class in this country and will be responsible for rebuilding the “disappearing middle class in America once again.”

He also accused the “billionaire class” of trying to destroy the U.S. trade union movement.


Sanders is also expected to unveil his revised Medicare-for-all plan this week, which will be a revision of legislation he initially introduced in 2017.