Minimum wages set to increase in these 20 states in 2019

Millions of workers are due for a raise next year.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, 5.3 million workers will see their pay rates increase as a result of numerous minimum wage hikes set to take effect across a number of states at the outset of 2019.

Workers in 20 states will see minimum wages rise between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. Additionally, 23 localities will be raising rates, according to a list compiled by the conservative-leaning Employment Policies Institute. Collectively, those policy decisions will result in an extra $5.4 billion worth of pay next year – a $90 to $1,300 average pay bump per year-round employee, depending on state of residence.

Eighteen states raised their minimum wages at the outset of January 2018, while two additional states did so in July.

Here’s a look at what will change starting in 2019:


While the statewide minimum wage in California will rise to $12, from $11, a slew of municipalities in the state are also raising their local minimum wages. In Mountain View, California – home to Google’s headquarters – as well as Sunnyvale, the rates will increase to $15.65. In Los Altos, Cupertino, Richmond, El Cerrito, San Jose, San Mateo and Santa Clara, the minimum wage will be hiked to $15 per hour.

The cities of Oakland, Redwood City and Belmont will also be raising wages.

New York

In the state of New York, the minimum wage will rise to $11.10, from $10.40.

For quick service employees, the statewide rate will be higher, at $12.75.

In New York City, the starting rate for employees will be increased to $15 per hour, from the current $13.

Long Island and Westchester will also hike wages to $12.


Lawmakers in Washington State are hiking worker pay to $12, a $0.50 increase. However, some cities are raising their minimum wages much higher.

In Seattle, minimum hourly pay will rise to $16. In SeaTac, it will increase to $16.09. Tacoma will see a more muted rise to $12.35.

Other states:

Alaska: $9.89, from $9.84

Arizona: $11.00, from $10.50

Arkansas: $9.25, from $8.50

Colorado: $11.10, from $10.20

Delaware: $8.75, from $8.25

Florida: $8.46, from $8.25

Maine: $11.00, from $10

Massachusetts: $12.00, from $11

Michigan: $9.45, from $9.25

Minnesota: $9.86, from $9.65

Montana: $8.50, from $8.30

New Jersey: $8.85, from $8.60

Ohio: $8.55, from $8.30

Rhode Island: $10.50, from $10.10

South Dakota: $9.10, from $8.85

Vermont: $10.78, from $10.50

Albuquerque, New Mexico, will raise its minimum wage to $9.20, while Las Cruces will increase it to $10.10. Flagstaff, Arizona, will see a $1 bump to $12 per hour.