Georgia man buys $57,000 Pokemon card with COVID-19 loan, prosecutors allege

Rare Pokemon cards can sell for thousands of dollars

Federal prosecutors say a Georgia man used a pandemic relief loan to buy a $57,000 Pokemon card.

Court records show a Dublin man is charged with lying on an application for a pandemic economic relief loan about the number of people his business employed and the company’s gross revenue. He faces one count of wire fraud.

The court filing said he received $85,000 in August of last year, and used the money to buy a Pokemon card for $57,789.

The background of Pokemon trading cards.  (iStock)

The Telegraph reports that defense lawyers issued a statement declining to talk about the case.


Rare Pokemon cards can sell for thousands of dollars. Collectors have been bidding up prices for trading cards, video games and other mementos.

Dublin, a city of about 16,000 people, is located about 130 miles southeast of Atlanta.