Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of the Tax Man

Don’t be scared of the taxman. Whatever your tax problem, there is a safe resolution. You only need to cooperate and meet the deadlines imposed set by the IRS once you finally make the call.

New Requirements for Tax Preparers

The IRS has outlined new regulations and standards for anyone collecting money for preparing tax returns. But the The Institute of Justice is calling foul. 

Why the IRS Picked You to Audit

There is no magic formula that determines which tax returns will get audited, but there are some issues that tend to catch Uncle Sam’s eye.

Tax Tips for the Unemployed

If you find yourself among the 9% who are unemployed it is important to know what is considered taxable income and what tax benefits you may be eligible for.

Why Your Business Needs Bookkeeping

When you own a small business, it is imperative that you keep a good set of books that are consistently and contemporaneously updated. The tax man will not be satisfied with records that were thrown together at the end of a year.

5 Tips for Preparing for 2014 Taxes

Taking these easy tax-planning steps will not only make your life easier come tax season, it could also end up keeping more money in your bank account.