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Tips for Picking the Right College Major

Choosing the right college major can make a big difference in students' career prospects and earnings potential, so here’s what experts recommend college students take into consideration when declaring their major. 

5 Myths About Black Friday You Shouldn’t Believe

Black Friday deals can bring about significant savings -- but that doesn't mean everything you pick up that day is the lowest price. Here's your guide on how to be a smart shopper amidst the chaos of the sales frenzy. 

Generation Gap: Who's Oversharing Online?

The ever-growing realm of social media has created generation gaps in how people view privacy online. But some research shows that it’s the younger and more web-savvy crowd that is taking action to manage accounts.

Who’s Got the Power: Buyers or Sellers?

Home sellers are expected to remain in the driver’s seat in 2014, but they’ll lose some of their power as inventory levels improve and rising mortgage rates shift some of the control to buyers .