Anti-virus software creator McAfee denies hacking Jeffrey Epstein from jail

Anti-virus software creator John McAfee denies he leaked drone footage of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s "orgy island" while behind bars in the Dominican Republic on a firearms possession charge.

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In the days following McAfee's release from jail last week, conspiracy theorists claimed he had tapped the files of the disgraced entrepreneur and was posting drone footage of Epstein’s "orgy island" from his Dominican cell.

On Sunday the eccentric billionaire denied his connection to Epstein.

Anonymous website 4chan started the rumors about the drone footage after McAfee said the CIA attempted to capture him and his wife from their “freedom boat,” as reported by Daily Dot.

Dominican Republic armed forces and the public ministry said last Wednesday that McAfee was taken into custody along with U.S. citizens Elizabeth McAfee and Richard Alan Gibson, Robert Whitfield of Germany, Oral Thompson of the Bahamas and Vasner Louis of Haiti. McAfee was released later that day.

The group was stopped while traveling on a yacht in high-caliber weapons, ammunition and military- gear said officials.

McAfee previously fled Belize for a 2012 murder of his neighbor and is being sought by the U.S tax authorities. He has announced he’s running for president on a cryptocurrency platform and has developed an "unhackable" cryptocurrency wallet. He is currently accepting bitcoin donations for his campaign, which he and manager Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez run from his boat.

McAfee is infamous for his provocative behavior. According to the New York Post, he met his wife when she solicited him as a prostitute and last year, he tweeted he had fathered 47 children. There have been no further accusations against McAfee regarding his alleged involvement with Epstein.