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  • Markets done with 2016 gains? video

    Markets done with 2016 gains?

    Michael Binger, Gradient Investments senior portfolio manager, discusses his expectations for Jackson Hole, and whether the markets have notched their highs for the year.

  • Time to look at overseas equities video

    Time to look at overseas equities

    Sean O'Hara, Pacer ETFs Distributors president, discusses his expectations for future Fed rate hikes, and where he believes investors should park money in this market environment.

  • Trump 2.0? video

    Trump 2.0?

    Ed Rollins, former advisor to President Ronald Regan, and former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) discuss Donald Trump's personal attacks on the campaign trail, and his momentum in the polls.

  • EpiPen price skyrockets 400% video

    EpiPen price skyrockets 400%

    Jeff Lederer, father of EpiPen user, and Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil, Metropolis Pain Medicine director, discuss Mylan's price hike of devices that can stop potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

  • End of summer stock sale video

    End of summer stock sale

    Newoak Capital President Jim Frischling discusses where investors can find opportunity in the market.

  • Ryan Lochte's costly mistake video

    Ryan Lochte's costly mistake

    Dr. Patrick Rishe, director of the Sports Business Program at Washington University, weighs in on how Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte's actions affect his sponsorship deals.

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