Stuart's Take

Biden. Kerry. The Kardashians. They are all in the news.....And that is their only connection.


Start with Vice President Biden. He has issued an ominous warning: he wants to "emancipate" the wealth of the 1%. That group already pays 40% of federal income taxes. The veep wants to "take" more.


John Kerry: he says we are all safer now. Living in a period of less threat. He said that, just as 3 men appeared in a New York court charged with helping ISIS. They wanted to kill us, here.


The Nasdaq is back to dot com days.....Gas keeps going up.....And this is the day the internet changes forever, without a vote!


And finally, the Kardashians. Famous and wealthy, for being famous. They have a $100 million, 4 year deal, to be....Famous!

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