Stuart's Take

When your neighbors want to kill you, and your friends give you the cold shoulder, you have reason to worry.


Benjamin Netanyahu is worried. He knows president Obama desperately wants a nuclear deal with Iran and he thinks our president will eventually let them get a bomb. The very existence of Israel is clearly threatened. So is America. Is anyone comfortable with the mullahs marching, unstopped, to get a nuke?


This is why Israel’s leader will address America’s congress tomorrow. He's going to call out president Obama’s tilt to the Muslim world. He's going to spell out the danger we are all in. He will speak the truth. And he is right to do this, simply because the issue is so important. It cannot be swept under the diplomatic rug. The Iranians just played war games where they destroyed a mock-up of an American aircraft carrier. Documents from Osama bin laden show al Qaeda working hand in glove with Iran for years. And we’re going to let 'em get a nuke?


I don't think it is too harsh to say that this is a failed presidency. It cannot be allowed the ultimate failure which is a nuclear weapon in the hands of a terror-addicted, Islamic, regime. Welcome Mr. Netanyahu......Tell us how you see it. We want to hear......


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