Stuart's Take

It is astonishing how rapidly things have changed in the Mid-East..


This week, an editorial in Israel's leading newspaper, suggested helping Saudi Arabia, get a nuclear bomb. Quote: "Israel should warn that it will obstruct an Iranian nuclear monopoly by helping Saudi Arabia obtain a nuclear facility." To put it mildly, that is a reversal of all previous policy. Israel, helping a former mortal enemy, obtain the most deadly of all weapons, because America will allow the mullahs of Iran to get a nuke of their own.


So much for President Obama's nuclear containment policy, the Saudis could buy a bomb from Pakistan (that we know) but an offer of help from Israel? Who could possibly have predicted that? Such is the disruption caused by weak and confused leadership. Just look at what's happened: ISIS on the march, and winning. Christians killed and exiled. Prisoners burned alive and beheaded. Millions of desperate refugees and several countries in ruins.


And now this: the New York Times of Israel says lets help Saudi Arabia get a nuke!