Stuart's Take

Most people are proud of America. We have a history of being a force for good in the world. President Obama doesn't share that view. He looks for the negatives in our past, and apologizes for them. This is not the way to defend America’s interests.


Three days ago in Panama, he insisted we all remember the dark periods in our past. Last week, at the Easter prayer breakfast, he recalled the crusades and the inquisition to shame Christianity. But the apology tour started early in his presidency. In France he apologized for our "arrogance". In England, he implied it was America’s fault that our standing in the world has been diminished. In Turkey he said we have to work through the dark periods in our past. On countless occasions, this president casts America in a negative light. He is the chief spokesman for the blame America first crowd.


I think this troubles a lot of people..... We're not the bad guys on this planet....Putin, the mullahs, the terrorists, the dictators: they are the face of evil. Yet our president caves to them all. He has demoralized us. He has given moral support to our enemies. Now what? Well we have another year and a half of this, and the apology tour will no doubt continue.


But here's my question: how does Hillary Clinton escape the president's legacy of apology?

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