Stuart's Take

Where does it stop? I’m talking about giveaways. There’s a new one. The administration wants to spend nearly $2 billion subsidizing, "giving" internet service to poor people.


I thought maybe we'd had enough when the administration gave out free phones: there are now 12 million Obama phones out there. You can get one if you're on Medicaid or food stamps. The guy who dreamed this up says you got to have a phone to look for a job.


Now they are poised to extend the phone program to the internet. That is free internet and you are going to pay for it. Is there anything the government won't give you, if you qualify for the hundreds of give-away "programs"? food, medicine, birth control, rent, gas and electric bills, education, housing, cash, a phone, and now the internet.


We are indeed a generous society. But I have a nasty feeling that someone is using your money to buy for me and I'll give you this......worse, we have created a trap. Why climb the food chain, if you get less free stuff!