News of the Day

  • US stock market rises ahead of US, China data later this week

    The stock market is edging higher in early trading ahead of a string of U.S. and Chinese economic reports later this week.

  • Caterpillar Announces $2.5 Billion Accelerated Stock Repurchase

    PEORIA, Ill., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Caterpillar Inc. CAT +1.34% today announced it has entered into definitive agreements with Société Générale to purchase a total of $2.5 billion of its common stock under accelerated stock repurchase transactions. In January of 2014, the company announced a similar $1.7 billion transaction, which was completed in March.

  • It pays to buy on dips in the S&P 500

    Returns on days after US index fell have averaged 0.13% starting 2013, the highest since 2009.Not since the bull market began has buying dips in the Standard & Poor's 500 (S&P 500) Index been a surer way of making money.

  • Uber Gets Down To Business With New Travel Expense Tools And Concur Integration

    On-demand ride-hailing service Uber has spent four years building a perfect transportation alternative to taxis and black car services in cities around the world. But until today it’s just been focused on consumer travel. Now the company is going after a huge new opportunity by changing the way business users can book and expense rides on its platform.

  • Jesse Jackson: Tech diversity is next civil rights step

    U.S. civil rights leader Jesse Jackson called on the Obama administration Monday to scrutinize the tech industry's lack of diversity.

  • Tech Five: Twitter reports earnings after bell

    The company will report second quarter earnings when the markets close Tuesday. Twitter is expected to report a loss of a penny per share off revenue of $283 million, according to estimates compiled by Yahoo. But the key metric investors will follow are Twitter's monthly active users. During its first quarter, Twitter said it had 255 million monthly active users.

  • Close the tax loophole on inversions

    Since we last overhauled our federal tax code, in 1986, countries around the world have lowered their tax rates, leaving the United States with the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. At the same time, the system has become full of inefficiencies and special-interest loopholes.

  • Last Week's Message: Don't Get Caught Short In U.S. Stocks

    In the 2009-2012 period, the recent adverse events, mediocre reports and broad warnings would have tripped up the U.S. stock market.

  • Enter through the 'Poor Door': Income 'segregation' in N.Y.

    It's a tale of two cities in Manhattan, as the city okayed plans for a luxury condominium with a separate door for low-income residents. The 33-story complex will have 219 expensive condos for sale and 55 to rent cheap to low-income tenants.

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  • Matt McCall

    Matt McCall is the president of Penn Financial Group (PFG), an investment advisory firm offering personalized portfolio management. He is also the editor of several newsletters including The ETF Bulletin, which publishes two real-time portfolios based on PFG's proprietary top-down approach to investing.

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  • Hitha Prabhakar

    Hitha Prabhakar is a New York-based author, investigative reporter and retail analyst. She is the author of "Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Terrorists" published by FT Press. She was a correspondent for Bloomberg Television covering retail and consumer spending.

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  • Kate Rogers

    Kate Rogers is a reporter with Fox Business Network. Along with personal finance and small business stories, Kate has extensively covered the effects of ObamaCare on the healthcare industry, companies and consumers.

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  • Tracy Byrnes

    Tracy Byrnes joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in October 2007 as a reporter. Since September 2005, Byrnes has been a recurring guest on FOX News Channel (FNC), appearing on "Cashin' In," "Bulls & Bears," and "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

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