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Payne's Pros

  • Matt McCall

    Matt McCall is the president of Penn Financial Group (PFG), an investment advisory firm offering personalized portfolio management. He is also the editor of several newsletters including The ETF Bulletin, which publishes two real-time portfolios based on PFG's proprietary top-down approach to investing.

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  • Hitha Prabhakar

    Hitha Prabhakar is a New York-based author, investigative reporter and retail analyst. She is the author of "Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Terrorists" published by FT Press. She was a correspondent for Bloomberg Television covering retail and consumer spending.

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  • Kate Rogers

    Kate Rogers is a reporter with Fox Business Network. Along with personal finance and small business stories, Kate has extensively covered the effects of ObamaCare on the healthcare industry, companies and consumers.

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  • Tracy Byrnes

    Tracy Byrnes joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in October 2007 as a reporter. Since September 2005, Byrnes has been a recurring guest on FOX News Channel (FNC), appearing on "Cashin' In," "Bulls & Bears," and "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

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