The $17 Billion Opportunity in a Post-Virtual Reality World

By Motley Fool Staff Markets

Oculus Rift. Google Cardboard. HTC Vive. These are just a few of the virtual reality devices making headwinds today.

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Virtual reality has come a long way, but the technology is already obsolete. The future belongs tovirtualvirtual reality.

What's the difference? Whereas plain-old virtual reality merely simulates settings and events, MetaVirtual Reality offers aninfinitelyimmersive experience.

What could such an experience look like? It's impossible to say. Our minds literally cannot conceive the emergent cinctures of recursive realities.

But we do know that wearing our headsets isunbelievable.

We're seeking your funding to bring transcendence to the masses. Help us make ordinary virtual reality a thing of the past.

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