Awaiting more clarity on Syria before big portfolio moves

By Jesse Barkasy Markets Covestor

Stocks have been very mixed with large cap stocks like Wal-Mart (WMT), Procter & Gamble (PG) and Coca Cola (KO) coming off highs. Oil prices are still rising and this also concerns us for the long-term health of the markets.

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The ever-volatile, September-to-October period is here and any talk of an attack on Syria seems to roil markets as well. We are waiting to see what happens if an attack becomes a reality.

The stock market seems to be in some sort of correction while some stocks like Facebook (FB), Yelp (YELP), LinkedIn (LNKD) and Tesla ((TSLA)) continue to hit all time highs.

Being that the potential attack Syria is being discussed by world leaders, we do not have much to write other than we are waiting to see what unfolds.

The investments discussed are held in client accounts as of August 31, 2013. These investments may or may not be currently held in client accounts. The reader should not assume that any investments identified were or will be profitable or that any investment recommendations or investment decisions we make in the future will be profitable.