1 Chart Showing Verizon Communications Is the Dominant Wireless Carrier, Even at the Super Bowl

By Fool.com

Every wireless carrier regularly claims to have the best, most reliable, and fastest network, but time and time again, only one carrier consistently comes out on top -- Verizon Communications .

Even at the most popular sporting event in the country -- where a mind-boggling number of Instagram pictures, tweets, videos, and Facebook uploads surely took place -- Verizon did not disappoint.

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According to FireceWireless, Verizon customers consumed an amazing 4.1 terabytes of data in and around the stadium. That was more than double the amount AT&Tcustomers used and far more than anything T-Mobile and Sprint could even dream of.

Click through the slide show below to see how the other carriers stacked up during the Super Bowl, and why this high data usage -- along with its strong network -- are good for Big Red.

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