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S&P 500 Climbs After Latest Earnings

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The S&P 500 was on track for a fresh record Tuesday following the latest raft of corporate earnings.

TPP Members Reach Agreement on Trade Pact

Negotiators from 11 Pacific Rim nations have agreed on a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, a year after President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the talks.

Qatar Alleges Attacks on Currency

Qatar alleges that rival Gulf countries, including the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia, have waged attacks on its currency through "blatant, unlawful market manipulation," according to letters sent by Qatar's Central Bank to regulators.

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Goodfriend Tells Lawmakers He Backs Fed's Dual Mandate on Jobs, Prices

Federal Reserve nominee Marvin Goodfriend told lawmakers he supports the central bank's dual mandate to maintain stable prices and pursue maximum employment, despite his past comments suggesting the Fed should focus on inflation.

Manufacturers Fight Over New Tariffs' Effect on U.S. Jobs

President Donald Trump's move to slap tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines is meant to revive domestic industries. But in the affected sectors, there is little agreement on whether it will actually jump-start U.S. manufacturing and jobs.

Unlike the North, Many in the South See the U.S. Tax Plan as Good News

Southern states expect the new tax code, which caps federal deductions of state and local taxes for taxpayers, to be a boon for the low-tax region and accelerate a trend of Northern workers and businesses migrating South.

How Central Banks Doing Nothing Can Still Move Markets

The Bank of Japan stuck to its policy guns Tuesday. The European Central Bank is likely to do the same on Thursday. But even a lack of immediate action can't stop market perceptions of shifting.

As Trump Heads to Davos, the Question Is Which Trump Will It Be?

No one knows quite what to expect of the president who rode populism into office when he appears at the summit of the globalists.

Oil Boosted by IMF Growth Expectations

Oil prices were buoyed Tuesday by hopes that the global economy will keep humming, boosting demand for oil in a market that has been growing steadily tighter.

Richmond Fed Says Manufacturing Activity Slowed in January

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond said Tuesday that an index tracking manufacturing activity at factories across the central Atlantic states slowed this month as shipments and employment dropped.

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January 23, 2018 13:15 ET (18:15 GMT)