Getting Started with RingCentral: 7 How-To Videos

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RingCentral is PCMag's Editor's Choice for videoconferencing and business VoIP services. The video series laid out in this article is designed to walk you through the initial steps of setting up and using your account. In the article we'll break down tasks such as adding new users, recording calls, transferring calls, activating new devices, faxing documents, and more.

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Part One: Setting Up Your New Account

Once you purchase your RingCentral account you'll be guided through a wizard-based set-up. In this video we'll show you how the wizard-based set-up helps you do the following:

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  • How to add your company name
  • Where to set your call forward and voicemail preferences
  • Where to add new users
  • How to record a company greeting
  • How to set your company time zone
  • Where to add landlines to your account
  • Set up individual voicemail greetings
  • How to assign extensions to users

Part Three: Transferring Calls

There are several ways to transfer calls and to add third-parties to ongoing calls. In this video we show you what each of those options are, and how to turn one-on-one calls into conference calls. You'll learn how to:

  • Transfer a call without giving advanced notice
  • Transfer with a brief introduction
  • Transfer straight to voicemail
  • Transfer outside of a RingCentral account
  • Add callers to a call
  • Turn a call into a conference call
  • Invite external parties to RingCentral conference calls

Part Five: Auto-Receptionist

In this video we'll walk you through where to go to set up auto-receptionist settings, such as call-recording, business hours, and a dial-by-name directory. You'll learn:

  • How calls are routed into your business
  • When calls are able to come into your business
  • Where to set up dial-by name directories
  • How to set up call recording announcements
  • How to set up regions and geographies

Part Seven: Getting Help

There are several different ways to contact RingCentral for customer support. This video shows you:

  • How to call RingCentral support
  • Where to go for phone support online
  • Where to go for chat support
  • How to get document-based support
  • How to open a help desk case

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