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Kinetics Internet Was No. 1, Up 56.9%, Boosted by Bitcoin

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The fund's largest holding was a position of 12% in Bitcoin Investment Trust.

China's Electric Car Market Has Grown Up

Beijing has offered the electric car market plenty of support, but there now appears to be solid demand from consumers to go green. That should give confidence to investors in the sector.

Celgene to Buy Impact Biomedicines

Celgene agreed to buy blood-disease biotechnology company Impact Biomedicines for as much as $7 billion.

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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Falls Short in China

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" opened to a soft $28.7 million in China this weekend, less than the prior two installments in the series.

Iranian Tanker Leaks Fuel After Colliding With Chinese Ship

A massive Iranian oil tanker was ablaze and leaking fuel in the East China Sea after colliding with a large Chinese cargo ship, Iranian and Chinese officials said.

Retail's Tax Windfall Provides Ammunition Against Amazon

Corporate tax cuts mean a free cash flow for retailers. How will they use it?

Why Uber Can Find You but 911 Can't

Software on Apple's iPhones and Google's Android smartphones help mobile apps like Uber and Facebook to pinpoint a user's location. But 911, with a far more pressing purpose, is stuck in the past.

Chinese Car Buyers Like a New Option: Used

Second-hand car sales are surging in China, putting pressure on auto makers after a year of sputtering growth in the new-vehicle market.

Amazon's Alexa to Meet Google's Assistant in a Las Vegas Showdown Inc. and Google are going to the big CES dance this week, looking to find love for their voice-operated platforms.

iPhones and Children Are a Toxic Pair, Say Two Big Apple Investors

Jana Partners and Calstrs are beginning an unusual activist-investor campaign accusing Apple of failing to do enough to limit smartphone addiction among young users.

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January 07, 2018 23:15 ET (04:15 GMT)