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Trump's growing rift with Bannon is threatening the former White House strategist's leadership of the conservative Breitbart News website.

A lawyer for Trump demanded that the author and publisher of a new book featuring scathing criticism of the White House halt its publication.

Sessions rescinded Obama-era policies that took a largely hands-off approach to enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized the drug.

The Trump administration said it would freeze all security aid to Pakistan until the country acts against terror networks on its territory.

Trump and South Korea's president agreed during a 30-minute phone call to delay military exercises until after the Winter Olympics.

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Israel and the U.S. are amplifying criticism of Iran's role in Middle East conflicts, part of a coordinated effort to curb Tehran's influence.

The administration is proposing changes that would let many small businesses buy health plans that don't meet all ACA requirements.

Trump insisted that any deal to protect "Dreamers" include funding for a border wall and new limits on legal immigration.

The FCC's chief canceled an appearance at a coming consumer electronics show because of death threats.

Died: Brendan Byrne, 93, ex-New Jersey governor.

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January 05, 2018 02:47 ET (07:47 GMT)