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Iran was hit by the biggest wave of protests in almost a decade, and the Trump administration warned against a crackdown on demonstrators.

North Korean leader Kim said Pyongyang had completed its nuclear-weapons program, and claimed its missiles could reach any point in the continental U.S.

New state laws taking effect this year around the country will affect undocumented immigrants, gun owners and barbers.

Chief Justice Roberts said the federal judiciary would assess its policies for addressing sexual harassment involving judges and court employees.

Veterans advocates are set for a fight over aid for homeless veterans as the Department of Veterans Affairs shifts how it uses its resources.

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NASA's plans for returning astronauts to the moon aren't affordable, according to a study commissioned by the agency.

Sharp differences have emerged over the next steps in lawmakers' investigations into the Trump 2016 campaign's alleged ties to Russia.

Vietnam's army will police the internet with a new, 10,000-strong cyber unit to trawl the web for "wrongful opinions" about the communist state's government.

At least a dozen former Obama aides and policy staff have entered the midterm races, running for office for the first time.

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January 02, 2018 02:47 ET (07:47 GMT)