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Pension Funds Ask: What to Buy When Nothing Is Cheap?

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Retirement systems that manage money for firefighters, police officers, teachers and other public workers aren't pulling back on costly bets for 2018, a time when markets are rising around the world.

Global Stock Surge Mints $9 Trillion in Market Value

Soaring stock prices across the globe added more than $9 trillion in market value to equity markets in 2017, the biggest one-year swell since the financial crisis.

Which Banks to Own When Savers Get Fed Up

2018 will be the year that banks finally start paying decent returns to savers, but some will have to pay more than others

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Eight Things to Watch in Markets in 2018

The Wall Street Journal's Heard on the Street team evaluates the year ahead in markets. Here's what you should watch, from wages to technology to the Chinese economy.

Hoping for an Avalanche of Huge IPOs in 2018? Get Ready to Keep Waiting

The year may bring a couple of notable names, including Spotify. But heavy hitters like Uber, Airbnb and WeWork will likely remain on the sidelines.

Judge Says PwC Was Negligent In Bank Failure

PricewaterhouseCoopers was negligent in connection with one of the biggest bank failures of the financial crisis, a federal judge ruled.

For Bitcoin, A Year Like No Other

In 2017, bitcoin became one of the market's greatest speculative crazes. It remains to be seen whether it can live up to the hype.

Low Treasury Yields Expected to Persist in New Year

While other assets soared in 2017, yields on longer-term U.S. Treasury bonds have remained stubbornly low. That is unlikely to change in 2018.

Buoyant Stocks Turn Investors' Heads in 2017

U.S. stocks' headlong advance in 2017 is stoking bullish sentiment going into 2018, but some market watchers are questioning if the rally has more steam. The S&P 500 surged 19% in 2017, more than triple some projections from the start of the year.

Money in 2018: The Managers and Executives to Watch in 2018

Active investing held its own in 2017, but the new year holds new risks and opportunities for these four leaders in the sector.

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