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Trump Signs Sweeping Tax Overhaul Into Law

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President Donald Trump signed a sweeping tax overhaul bill into law in the Oval Office Friday morning, as well as a spending bill to keep the government open through mid-January.

Bitcoin Plunges 25% in 24 Hours in a Cryptocurrency Market Rout

The price of bitcoin tumbled sharply, wiping one-fourth of its market value in the past 24 hours alone, as a wave of selling hit the broader cryptocurrency market just before the Christmas holiday weekend.

U.S. Stocks Slip in Quiet Trading

U.S. stocks pulled back slightly in a quiet trading session heading into the holiday weekend.

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Suspect Trading Leads Germany to Change How It Releases Data

Suspicious patterns in the trading of currency futures, discovered in an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, helped prompt Germany's statistics agency to stop sending the sensitive economic data to journalists before the figures are publicly available.

New Homes Sell at Best Pace in More Than a Decade

Purchases of newly built single-family homes rose in November to the highest level in more than a decade.

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell Again in December

U.S. households became less confident about the economic outlook in December as Congress passed a significant overhaul of the tax code.

U.S. Consumer Spending Rises in November, Savings Rate at 10-Year Low

Americans spent more and saved less in November, a sign that low unemployment, robust consumer confidence, the prospect of tax cuts and buoyant financial markets are underpinning a strong holiday shopping season.

Trump to Nominate Powell as Fed Chief Again After Senate Adjourns Without Vote

Donald Trump plans to nominate Jerome Powell again in the new year to serve as Federal Reserve chairman after the Senate ended its 2017 session this week without voting on the matter, a White House spokeswoman said.

Analysis: How Consensus for Corporate Rate Cut Turned Into Partisan Tax Brawl

Both candidates in the 2012 presidential election ran on a corporate tax cut. Five years later, a unified Republican government made that a reality, and a bipartisan idea has turned into a deeply partisan brawl.

Consumers Can't Be Economy's Saving Grace in 2018

The lowest saving rate since just before the last recession means that consumers are unlikely to quicken economic growth in 2018.

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December 22, 2017 15:15 ET (20:15 GMT)