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U.S. Stocks Rise

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Rising technology and energy shares pushed the S&P 500 higher Monday ahead of a series of central bank meetings around the world this week.

Botched Suicide Bombing Jolts New York, Injures 4

A 27-year-old immigrant from Bangladesh tried to set off a homemade pipe bomb strapped to his body as he blended into rush-hour commuters in one of New York City's busiest transit hubs. But the explosive fizzled, burning him instead and slightly injuring three others.

SEC Chairman Warns Investors Against Bitcoin

Wall Street's top regulator on Monday raised alarms about the money flooding into bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrency markets, warning the red-hot corner of less-regulated finance is burning with risk for retail investors.

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Treasury Says GOP Economic Agenda Would Pay for Tax Cuts

Treasury Department said the Republican economic agenda would generate enough economic growth to pay for the tax cuts being considered by Congress, using growth assumptions exceeding the official congressional estimates.

U.S. Tax Plan Draws Ire Abroad, Prompts Calls for Cuts in Response

The Trump administration's planned overhaul of U.S. corporate tax law came under attack Monday from finance ministers of Europe's five largest economies, voicing the growing anxiety among foreign executives and officials that the proposals would give American firms unfair tax advantages.

Oil Prices Rise on Pipeline Shutdown News

Oil prices rose and the global benchmark hit its highest level since 2015 Monday after the owner of a major European pipeline said it is shutting the system down for a period of weeks.

A Late 2017 Tax Plan Could Spell Trouble for Your 2018 Paycheck

The largest payroll group in America is raising a big concern about the new tax plan: There simply isn't enough time to figure out withholding for 2018.

U.S. Shoppers Wield Smartphones to Keep a Lid on Consumer Prices

Web-driven comparison shopping complicates Federal Reserve decisions on how much and how fast to raise interest rates: Savvy consumers have weakened retailers' pricing power and helped hold down inflation.

Is There a Productivity Miracle Lurking in the Economy?

Economists are often baffled by the gyrations of the stock market, but at the moment shareholders and the economic profession simply disagree on one of the biggest assumptions forecasters have to make: productivity growth.

Forties Pipeline System Carrying Brent Crude to Be Shut for Weeks

One of Europe's most important oil pipeline systems will be shut down for a "matter of weeks," said owner Ineos, sending a jolt into international oil prices as traders contemplated the loss of some North Sea oil supplies.

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December 11, 2017 19:15 ET (00:15 GMT)