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Senate Republicans hit a significant stumbling block in their efforts to overhaul the tax code, forcing them to contemplate walking back their plan for a permanent reduction of the corporate tax rate to 20% from 35%.

House GOP leaders plan to propose a short-term bill to keep the government funded through Dec. 22.

Trump declined to put to rest the possibility of Tillerson's departure, after a report said the secretary of state could soon be ousted.

House leaders from both parties called for Conyers to resign amid allegations of inappropriate behavior by the Michigan Democrat.

North Korea's new ICBM appears able to fly farther and carry a larger payload than any missile Pyongyang has launched in the past.

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South Korea began firing missiles into the waters off eastern Korea within minutes of the launch.

Turkey's Erdogan backed an alleged scheme to help Iran evade sanctions, a U.S. government witness said.

The Trump administration is considering a plan to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

A Mexican immigrant was acquitted of murder in the killing of Kate Steinle, a case that became a rallying cry against illegal immigration.

British lawmakers called on May to rescind an invitation to Trump for a state visit over his retweeting of anti-Islam videos.

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