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Chinese Stocks End Little Changed

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Chinese stocks finished Friday about flat after a down morning-which extended Thursday's slump-giving a brighter look to Asia's equities market as the week ended.

The Changing Face of the Corporate Bond Market

The European Commission wants answers to an intriguing question: Why is it becoming harder to trade corporate bonds, even though companies are issuing more of them?

A New Thanksgiving Tradition: Chinese Stock Market Drops

As ever this Thanksgiving, Americans came together to celebrate their shared traditions. One recent addition to that list: Watching the Chinese stock market collapse.

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Wall Street's 2017 Market Predictions: Pathetically Wrong

As investors' inboxes once again become clogged with annual outlooks from Wall Street's scribblers, there is little admission of the nearly universal failure to predict what happened this year.

Brazil Administration Scales Back Scope of Proposed Pension Reform

Brazil's government is scaling back a proposal to overhaul the country's insolvent pension system, part of a last-ditch effort to get congressional support for the unpopular bill ahead of general elections next year.

Mexican Central Bankers Uneasy About Inflation Outlook

Although the Bank of Mexico is sticking to its forecast that inflation will return to its 3% target by the end of next year, several board members questioned the likelihood of that happening when they agreed in early November to leave interest rates unchanged, minutes to the meeting showed.

Have Trillions of Fed Dollars Broken a Bond Market Warning Sign?

The yield gap between short and long-term Treasurys has shrunk to its narrowest level since 2007, the year the financial crisis gathered steam. But few investors and economists are worried that a repeat of the 2008 meltdown is in store.

ECB Officials Differed on QE at October Meeting

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi appears to have gone beyond what top officials agreed by stating last month that the ECB's giant bond-buying program will continue beyond next September.

Fed Stumped on Inflation While Europe Plays It Cool

A global puzzle is proving increasingly hard to solve: growth is good but inflation is weirdly low. How policy makers on opposite sides of the Atlantic view this conundrum is starting to drive a wedge in markets.

China Stocks Tumble After Latest Signs of Beijing's Markets Crusade

The long calm in Chinese stocks came to an abrupt end, with shares in Shanghai suffering their biggest one-day drop in almost a year, following fresh signs of Beijing's determination to clamp down on market speculation and the country's high debt levels.

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November 24, 2017 03:15 ET (08:15 GMT)