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Global Stocks Stabilize

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Global stocks mostly steadied Monday while the euro recovered from an early fall after negotiations to form the next German government broke down.

Leading Economic Indicators Index Rises

An economic index that measures business trends increased in October as impacts from a string of catastrophic hurricanes dissipated.

Growing Gas Glut Threatens West Texas Oil Boom

Natural gas is gushing out of West Texas, a byproduct of frenzied drilling for oil. That is a problem for energy producers, who are running out of places to send all of it.

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Growth in Developed Economies Slowed in Third Quarter, OECD Says

Economic growth in developed countries slowed in the three months to September, but remains on course for a pickup in 2017 overall.

Saudi Crackdown Sends Chill Through Neighbors' Markets

Political upheaval in Saudi Arabia has sent shares, currencies and bonds in the Middle East lower-but not in the kingdom itself.

ECB's Nowotny: Structural Reforms No 'Panacea'

European Central Bank Governing Council member Ewald Nowotny warned against an excessive reliance on reforms to labor and product markets to drive growth in Europe.

The Crude but Effective Way to Gauge the Oil Market

The widening discount of WTI to Brent crude seems odd now that the U.S. is an export juggernaut, but it explains a lot about the energy market.

Political Paralysis Hits Germany as Collapse of Talks Tests Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was scrambling to address the biggest political threat to her leadership in 12 years in office, after the collapse of talks to form a new government raised doubts about the stability of Europe's largest economy and a push for an ambitious eurozone overhaul.

Germany's Political Impasse Will Stymie Further European Change

Germany's inability to agree upon a governing coalition shows how the growing fragmentation of Europe's political landscapes has reached the EU's most important member, casting doubt on Berlin's ability to shape change on the Continent.

FCC to Outline Plan to Roll Back Rules on Net Neutrality

Regulators are expected to unveil plans for reversing Obama-era rules that require internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally, a move that could reshape the internet economy and consumers' online experience.

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November 20, 2017 11:15 ET (16:15 GMT)