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PayPal to Introduce Customers to Robo Investing

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The San Jose, Calif., payments company is connecting its website and smartphone apps with those of Acorns Grow Inc., a five-year-old automated savings and investment service.

Zions to Challenge Its 'Big Bank' Label

Zions Bancorp has long insisted it isn't the same as bigger rivals with Wall Street businesses. Now it wants regulators to say so too.

Borrowing Bonanza in Emerging Markets

A decade of loose monetary policy from the Federal Reserve has sent gushers of cash to emerging markets. One big impact has been to reduce funding costs for a host of riskier, first-time borrowers such as Maldives and Tajikistan.

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Can Jes Staley Get Barclays in Shape to Fight Heavyweights?

Barclays Chief Executive Jes Staley wants to reinvigorate the British bank by reinvesting in investment banking, where returns have been poor of late-and investors aren't pleased.

Temporary Bank Regulator Departs, but Maybe Not for Good

The acting comptroller of the currency, Keith Noreika, is ending an eventful and unusual tenure in charge of a federal banking regulator, where he spent about 200 days criticizing other regulators, unilaterally changing policies and provoking arguments.

How to Spot a Market Top

With central banks scaling back stimulus in a world filled with money, the current investing nirvana is facing its biggest threat in years. Heard on the Street walks through the risks and likely scenarios for markets in the coming months.

Top of the Market? That Could Be a Good Thing

When is it going to end? And how? In a year when asset prices have surged, those are questions that should be nagging at investors' minds.

If There Is a Bubble, It's in Bitcoin

If the markets are at a top, bitcoin has scaled the highest peak, rising more than 700% this year and powering through multiple sharp corrections.

GOP Steams Ahead With Tax Overhaul

Republicans are powering tax overhaul plans through Congress with remarkable speed, having departed town for a Thanksgiving recess Friday after important victories in the Senate and House.

Treasury Calls for Overhaul of Systemically Important Bar

The Treasury Department report sends a strong signal that firms such as MetLife, Prudential Financial and BlackRock can worry less about strict rules from Washington.

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November 20, 2017 11:15 ET (16:15 GMT)