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New York Fed Says Dudley Plans to Retire in Mid-2018

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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced Monday that its leader William Dudley is planning to step down early and retire in the middle of next year.

U.S. Stocks Muted After Notching Records

U.S. stock indexes wobbled around the flatline Monday after climbing to a trifecta of records the previous week.

Downgrades Shadow Moody's, S&P's Push Into China

The world's largest bond-rating firms are on the verge of gaining unfettered access to an arena they have long coveted-China's booming market for corporate debt-but it isn't expected to be an easy task.

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Oil Gains Amid Crackdown in Saudi Arabia

Oil prices hit a two-year high Monday on rising tensions in the Middle East following a wave of arrests in Saudi Arabia and a missile attack on Riyadh by Yemeni rebels.

India's Businesses Have Lost Confidence

Companies in India say they have stopped or slowed investments in expansion and banks have curtailed lending, after last year's cash crackdown and other policy changes.

Goldman, China's Sovereign-Wealth Fund Plan Up to $5 Billion in U.S. Investments

Goldman Sachs Group and China Investment Corp. are partnering on a multibillion-dollar fund to help the giant Chinese fund invest in U.S. manufacturing and other sectors.

Bank Bets Tied to Government Bailouts Soar Up to 1470% in a Year

The U.S. banking industry is booming-a development that is bringing windfall gains to a small group of investors who bought esoteric bank securities when the outlook for financial firms was far less clear-cut.

Broad Crackdown Reins In Saudi Elite

A sweeping weekend roundup of more than five dozen princes, ministers and prominent businessmen in Saudi Arabia marks a dramatic escalation in the crown prince's effort to consolidate power and accelerate far-reaching change in the kingdom.

ECB's Chief Economist Defends Recent QE Extension

The European Central Bank's chief economist defended the ECB's recent decision to extend its bond-purchase program by nine months, citing the need for the central bank to continue to support the economy.

Turkey's Central Bank Moves to Counter Falling Lira

Turkey's central bank took steps to support prices and financial stability, after the Turkish lira's recent slump against the dollar.

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November 06, 2017 11:15 ET (16:15 GMT)