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U.K. Economy Accelerates Ahead of Central Bank Rate Decision

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The U.K. economy accelerated in the third quarter, according to a preliminary estimate, strengthening expectations that the Bank of England may raise interest rates as soon as next month.

The Crisis in Spain: Why Are Markets So Calm?

Catalonia's bid for independence has held Spanish stocks and bonds back rather than being outright damaging so far.

How Europe's Small Central Banks Weathered ECB Bond Buys

The ECB's bond-buying program had ripple effects across Europe, as smaller central banks closely linked to the eurozone took their own drastic measures.

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Tepid Earnings Cut Into Stock Rally

Stocks mostly edged lower outside China as investors parsed several lackluster corporate earnings reports.

Oil Pulls Back Ahead of Stocks Data

Oil prices lost some ground as investors prepared for the release of weekly data on U.S. inventory levels due later today.

How Foreign Workers in Japan Are Helping-and Hurting-the Economy

For the first time in the postwar era, Japan has opened itself to a significant cohort of low-wage laborers from abroad, setting up a clash between Japan's short-and long-term goals: trying to raise wages to help spur spending and growth while expanding the workforce.

China Aims for U.S.-Level Yields in $2 Billion Bond Offering

China is returning to international bond markets for the first time in 13 years, with a $2 billion offering of U.S. dollar bonds that will allow the world's second-largest economy to flex its financial muscle.

China Stocks Struck a New Path This Party Congress

The Shanghai Composite has had a history of falling during the twice-a-decade Communist Party Congress. But this go-around, it rose slightly.

Congress Votes to Overturn CFPB Arbitration Rule

With Vice President Mike Pence breaking a Senate tie, Congress overturned a rule by an Obama-appointed financial regulator that would have made it easier for consumers to sue banks in groups.

These Lenders Get Too Much Credit

Shares of credit card lenders have recovered sharply over the past two months on optimism that rising defaults will soon stabilize. The relief may prove premature.

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October 25, 2017 07:15 ET (11:15 GMT)