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Trump Administration Calls for Scrapping CEO Pay Rule

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The Trump administration wants to do away with signature markets regulations of the financial crisis era, including a requirement that companies show how much CEOs are paid compared to average workers.

A Warning Shot on Equifax: Index Provider Flagged Security Issues Last Year

A year before Equifax disclosed a breach that compromised the private information of 145.5 million consumers, MSCI warned of signs that the credit reporting firm was failing to protect its data.

TD Ameritrade to Discontinue Scottrade Flexible Dividend-Reinvestment Plan

TD Ameritrade plans to discontinue a flexible dividend-reinvestment program used by some Scottrade clients and transition them to its more-traditional program.

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Securities Industry Pushes Back on Nevada's Fiduciary Rule

The securities industry is pushing back against a new Nevada law raising broker standards of care, highlighting industry concern that state rules could mushroom as the federal fiduciary rule hangs in limbo.

For Switzerland's Central Bank, $30 Billion in Profits but Not Much Reward

Imagine being a money manager sitting on profits of over $30 billion in the third quarter alone that you can't cash in. Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of Swiss central banking.

Why Caisse's Michael Sabia Isn't Your Typical Pension Fund Chief

A high-stakes bet on a billion-dollar transit project is the latest example of Michael Sabia's aggressive, hands-on brand of managing investments at Quebec's largest pension fund.

Industrial Textile Maker DuraFiber Files for Bankruptcy

Industrial textile manufacturer DuraFiber Technologies has filed for bankruptcy after closing plants in North Carolina and South Carolina and selling a business based in Mexico.

Why the Fed Won't Stand in the Way of Trump's Tax Cuts

Faster growth spurred by tax cuts and other supply-driven factors would be welcomed by the Fed. But the implications for monetary policy aren't straightforward.

Fed's Dudley Says Rate Rise Path Will Be 'Shallow'

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley reiterated Friday he expects the U.S. central bank to press forward with rate rises amid his expectations the economy will continue with solid growth.

Fed's Kaplan Undecided on Raising Rates Again This Year

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said he won't overreact to September's jobs report showing a decline in U.S. payrolls, but he remains undecided if an additional rate increase is warranted this year.

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October 06, 2017 16:15 ET (20:15 GMT)