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The girlfriend of the Las Vegas shooter said she will cooperate with investigators as they seek a motive for the mass killing.

Some GOP lawmakers said they were willing to consider legislation banning "bump stocks."

Russia has carried out a campaign to hack NATO soldiers' smartphones, Western officials say.

Catalonia set a course toward declaring its secession from Spain as soon as Monday, in the wake of this week's independence vote.

Tillerson denied a report that he had contemplated resigning as secretary of state and praised Trump's foreign policy.

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Three U.S. Army Green Berets were killed and two others were wounded in an ambush in Niger.

Puerto Ricans are grappling with health concerns due to a lack of medical care, supplies and clean water.

Republicans are split over how much to expand the child tax credit in their tax-code framework.

U.K. Prime Minister May was plagued by mishaps as she delivered closing remarks at her Conservative Party's annual conference.

Gorsuch questioned government arguments that defendants forfeit the right to appeal in a plea bargain.

Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for work that led to a new molecular-imaging technique.

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October 05, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)