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States and cities are set to book a shortfall of at least $645 billion in retiree health benefits for public employees under new accounting guidelines.

Rescuers in Mexico worked to find the living and the dead beneath rubble left by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake. The death toll stood at 230 and was likely to rise.

Hurricane Maria pounded Puerto Rico with huge waves, heavy rain and fierce winds and shut down the island's power grid.

Trump sparked new wrangling at the U.N. over the Iran nuclear deal by announcing he had decided its fate, without elaborating.

Japan and South Korea offered cautious praise for Trump's tough talk against North Korea at the U.N.

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Mueller is seeking to determine what White House officials knew about a federal investigation into Flynn early this year.

McConnell plans a vote next week on the latest GOP effort to unwind the ACA, as Republicans scramble to secure support for the bill.

Many states, faced with deadlines, are approving sharp rate rises in ACA insurance plans despite uncertainty over the law's fate.

Trump's spending deal with Democrats drew strong support across the political spectrum in a new poll.

Refugees from Australia's offshore detention centers will soon arrive in the U.S. under a resettlement deal.

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September 21, 2017 05:14 ET (09:14 GMT)