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Does the Weaker Dollar Push Up Commodities Prices?

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Almost all commodities are priced in dollars, so when the greenback weakens they become cheaper to buy in other currencies. The dollar has now lost more than 10% this year and hit its lowest level in around 2 1/2 year late last week. But some commodities are benefiting more than others.

U.S. Small-Business Confidence Shows Slight Gain in August

Small-business owners' confidence in the economy was roughly unchanged in August, but the measure came in ahead of Wall Street expectations, helped by a regulatory "relief rally."

Global Stocks Extend Gains After Record S&P 500 High

Global stocks edged higher following an all-time high for the S&P 500, as fears from Hurricane Irma and geopolitical risk in North Korea continued to ebb.

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Why the Market Keeps Going Up and What Would Bring It Down

The stock market just won't go down, despite geopolitical concerns, stretched valuations and an unpredictable president. Understanding why shares keep rising is key to knowing when it might end.

Gold Is Flashing Inflation, Not North Korea

The run-up in gold has coincided with rising fears of armed conflict in Asia. Investors should be paying attention to inflation and China instead.

Catastrophe Bonds Avoid Direct Hit From Hurricane Irma

With damage estimates for Hurricane Irma tumbling, investors in "cat bonds" will likely avoid the significant losses they may have absorbed had earlier, more aggressive estimates borne out.

Florida Turns to Recovery After Irma

Hurricane Irma hammered almost every inch of Florida, causing wreckage in the Keys and record flooding in Jacksonville, though the state's coasts were largely spared from the catastrophe many had feared.

Hurricane Irma Traumatizes St. Martin

A St. Martin couple had rode out plenty of hurricanes in their house next to the island's blue waters. Hurricane Irma pulled them into the water. Neighbors found her body hours later washed ashore.

Timiraos's Analysis: Harvey and Irma Muddy Data for Fed's Inflation Debate

Forced to explain an inflation soft patch, Fed officials have said they have several more months of numbers to study before they have to make any decisions or explain any change in their thinking about inflation. But the physical damage of recent hurricanes will distort measures of the economy.

Fed's Yellen Met With Ivanka Trump in July

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen met with Ivanka Trump in July, roughly a week before President Donald Trump said he was considering nominating the central bank chief to a second term.

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September 12, 2017 07:15 ET (11:15 GMT)