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Trump struck a deal with Democrats on attaching Harvey aid to measures to keep the government funded and its borrowing limit suspended until mid-December, stunning Republicans.

The president called on Democrats to support him in overhauling the tax code.

House Speaker Ryan said he would work to find a compromise to protect "Dreamers" following the decision to end DACA.

Hurricane Irma walloped several Caribbean islands, while officials in Florida pressed residents to follow calls for evacuations.

A U.S. proposal for new U.N. sanctions on North Korea would block oil and textile trade and freeze assets of Kim and other officials.

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China is boosting its monitoring for signs of radioactive fallout from North Korea's latest nuclear test.

The White House told lawmakers it is stepping back from ending a free-trade pact with Seoul.

The EU's top court ruled that Central European states have no legal grounds to reject a refugee-relocation policy.

Senators conducted a hearing on proposals to repair, rather than repeal, the Affordable Care Act.

The U.S. military apologized for dropping leaflets in Afghanistan with an image offensive to Muslims.

Qatar officially opened a major seaport to help secure imports after its Arab neighbors cut off trade routes.

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