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Congress is set to grapple with passing a hurricane-aid bill, raising the debt limit and keeping the federal government open as it returns from summer break.

South Korea warned that North Korea appears to be preparing to test another ICBM and the U.S. told the U.N. that Pyongyang is "begging for war."

Trump is expected to delay the termination of the DACA program, which protects young, undocumented immigrants.

Texans returning to flood-damaged homes face the threat of toxic pollutants in the air and water.

Florida's governor declared a state of emergency in the entire state in advance of Hurricane Irma.

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State regulators are struggling to make decisions about health-insurance pricing and coverage amid uncertainty about the ACA.

The U.S.-led coalition battling Islamic State in Syria said a stranded convoy has drawn other fighters, turning them into easy targets.

Guatemala's high court approved a petition to strip immunity from President Morales, who is accused of illicit campaign funding.

Most German viewers polled said Merkel won a debate with rival Schulz.

Frankfurt officials successfully defused a World War II-era bomb.

Canada is taking a tough line in the second round of talks on revising Nafta.

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