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Stocks Fall, Havens Swell on North Korea Nuclear Test

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Investors moved into haven assets and sold stocks following North Korea's largest-ever nuclear test, prompting President Trump to denounce the country as a hostile rogue nation.

Global Economy Week Ahead: ECB Meeting, U.S. Productivity, China Trade

This week's economic calendar features U.S. trade and productivity data, a European Central Bank policy meeting, and Chinese foreign-exchange and trade figures.

Oil Mixed as Some Refineries Come Back

Gasoline prices retreated from highs and U.S. crude prices were mixed as some refineries started coming back on line following Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical depression.

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Why Markets Don't Care About North Korea-Yet

Markets still aren't very good at pricing political risk-particularly of the catastrophic variety.

Investors Hedge Their Bets Entering Choppiest Season for Markets

As the most turbulent season for equities looms, hedging activity and money flows indicate that investors are starting to doubt that markets can only climb higher

Eurozone Factory-Gate Prices Stall for Sixth Month, Posing Quandary for ECB

The prices of goods leaving the eurozone's factory gates haven't risen since January, indicating continued weakness in inflationary pressures, despite a firming economic recovery.

For the ECB, There's Only So Much Time to Play For

The European Central Bank has emphasized persistence and patience on its monetary policy. But with the path of its bond-purchase program set only until the end of December, the pressure to lay out 2018 plans is building.

Free-Trade Deals: Britain's True Brexit Red Line

As the U.K.'s demands in negotiations to leave the European Union are watered down, one appears rigid: London's insistence on being able to strike free-trade agreements with third countries.

Indigestion in China's Economy Spells Trouble for Coal

After a red-hot 12 months, China's industrial economy is slowing again. That spells trouble for heavily indebted coal firms like Yanzhou Coal, and could mean renewed stress on China's rickety financial system next year.

Bank Investors Say Mind the Gap

U.S. bank stocks dropped in August as interest rates slipped, and some money managers say lenders have farther to fall.

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September 04, 2017 19:15 ET (23:15 GMT)