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Gasoline Prices Surge After Hurricane Harvey

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U.S. gasoline futures surged after Hurricane Harvey knocked out almost 15% of the nation's refinery capacity, with the extent of the damage still unclear.

Stocks Drop as Central Bankers Offer No Policy Clues

Stocks slipped after U.S. and European central bankers failed to give fresh policy guidance at the Jackson Hole central bankers meeting.

Global Economy Week Ahead: U.S. Inflation and Jobs, Japan Household Spending

The week ahead will be a busy one for U.S. economic data, with readings on consumer confidence, GDP, the Federal Reserve's preferred inflation gauge and the August jobs report.

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Most Global Markets Start the Week Lower

Asia-Pacific equity markets struggled for direction after U.S. and European central bankers didn't provide fresh policy guidance, though China-related stocks outperformed.

Draghi Holds Off on Monetary Policy Clues, Criticizes Deregulation Push

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi offered no fresh clues on when the ECB might wind down its bond-buying program, and instead criticized a global tilt toward protectionism and warned against loosening financial regulations.

A Surprise Lift From China for U.S. Steel

Signs of incremental progress on steel overcapacity are pushing Chinese steel margins higher for the first time in nearly a decade. U.S. Steel and other western steel firms could benefit.

Central Bankers Can't Savor Their Stimulus Success

Central bankers were looking forward for years to a moment when the world economy would steady, allowing them to unwind extraordinary monetary stimulus from global markets. That moment has arrived, but they are now preoccupied with other matters.

Central Bankers Warn Against Regulatory Cuts, Trade Moves

The world's top central bankers warned that undoing banking rules or pursuing protectionist measures threaten economic expansion.

Energy Markets Brace for Volatility as Harvey's Impact Is Determined

Energy markets are due for considerable volatility this week as investors try to gauge the extent of disruption to fuel production and distribution from the torrential rains and catastrophic flooding in Texas.

China's Markets Can't Agree on How Good Nation's Economy Is

China's financial markets are sending conflicting signals about the health of the world's No. 2 economy, where a strengthening currency, buoyant stocks and soaring commodities contrast with the pessimism popular among the country's bond investors.

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August 28, 2017 07:15 ET (11:15 GMT)