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Samsung Heir's Bribery Conviction Leaves Void at the Top

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The five-year jail term for the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jae-yong, risks stymieing decision making at a time when it needs bold moves to keep pace with China and Silicon Valley.

Google Issuing Refunds Over Invalid Web Traffic

Google is issuing refunds to advertisers for ads bought through its platform that ran on sites with fraudulent traffic, people familiar with the situation say, as the company develops a tool to give buyers more transparency about their purchases.

Duke Pulls Plug on Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy is abandoning plans to develop a nuclear plant in South Carolina, the latest blow to the U.S. nuclear industry. The company had planned to build two reactors.

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Hershey Ends 12-Year Relationship With Arnold Worldwide

Hershey Co. is consolidating its creative ad agency accounts, the latest example of how companies are reassessing their marketing needs amid industry headwinds.

GM to Address Bolt Cars' Battery Defect Using Onstar System

GM said it would remotely identify and notify Bolt electric-car owners affected by a battery power glitch using its Onstar telematics service.

Volkswagen Engineer Sentenced for Role in Emissions Fraud

A Volkswagen engineer was sentenced to 40 months imprisonment and will pay a $200,000 fine for participating in the German auto giant's emissions-cheating deception.

Ford to Look Beyond Credit Scores in Sales Push

The auto maker's financing unit has decided to change its approval process to look beyond credit scores in an effort to pump up sales. By assessing credit in new ways, it hopes to be able to better predict risk among a broad array of borrowers.

China's Aviation Push Lifts Aircraft Manufacturers

Chinese leaders' promotion of air services spanning leisure, transportation, logistics and emergency services promises a bonanza for aircraft makers, air base operators and infrastructure developers.

Two Uber Investors Seek to Defend Former CEO in Legal Battle

Shervin Pishevar and Steve Russell have asked a court to let them intervene in a lawsuit against Travis Kalanick, Uber's former chief executive and co-founder.

Mutual Funds' Markdowns Hit Warby Parker's Billion-Dollar Status

Several mutual funds have marked down their investment in eyeglass startup Warby Parker in the second quarter, including a nearly 17% price cut from John Hancock Investments, according to regulatory filings.

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August 25, 2017 19:15 ET (23:15 GMT)