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Trump warned that U.S. military resources were in place, "locked and loaded," should North Korea "act unwisely," as foreign leaders called on Washington and Pyongyang to end a cycle of threats.

Trump said that military action was possible in Venezuela, though he provided few details.

Venezuela's fired attorney general is continuing her corruption probes, even as she tries to keep a step ahead of the secret police.

Kenyatta faces an uphill struggle to keep Kenya's economy ticking, cut debt and unite the divided nation after winning a second term as president.

China's internet regulator is probing whether some of the country's biggest social-media platforms violated a new cybersecurity law.

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Hackers matching the profile of a pro-Kremlin group took at least partial control of Wi-Fi networks at several hotels in Europe last month.

Sixteen countries in Europe, as well as Hong Kong, have received eggs contaminated with a banned insecticide, the EU said.

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August 12, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)